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The Global Transfer of Democracy: Transition in the Philippines

WHTP takes a look at the Philippines’ fifth democratic transition By: Emma Barnes Last week, on June 30, President Rodrigo Duterte was sworn in as the new President of the Philippines. A member of the leftist PDP-Laban Party, he is a former mayor of Davao City, in Mindanao – a southern island known for its turbulence. President Duterte vowed no… Read more »

Presidential Travel Abroad in the Final Two Years of a Second Term

By: Martha Joynt Kumar As President Obama comes to his final year in office, reporters and others are interested in how he might spend his time in those months.(1) Looking at the patterns of his predecessors, we can see the interest two-term presidents have had in travel, especially when they experienced losses in the congressional elections occurring in their sixth… Read more »

The Global Transfer of Democracy: A WHTP News Service

For most of human history, the transfer of power has involved body counts. The rise of democratic institutions in the late twentieth and, now, early twenty-first centuries has placed front and center an interest in how peaceful transfers of power actually occur. This new service will archive news accounts on the subject of such democratic transitions worldwide, with a particular… Read more »

Briefing: Delaying Appointment Delays Confirmation

A preliminary WHTP study using WHTP’s data on presidential nominations for the last three presidencies during their first year. A preliminary analysis tracks the differences in how long it takes the Senate to reach a decision on each nominee. The study distinguishes between two groups identified by the National Commission on Reform of the Federal Appointments Process: first, nominees for… Read more »

Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu headlines program on Before the Oath

September 30, The National Academy of Public Administration hosted a discussion on presidential transitions focusing on Martha Kumar’s new account of the Bush to Obama transition, Before the Oath. Current Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu (former executive director of the Obama transition) led the discussion and keynoted the event. Later Martha, WHTP’s Director, posed for pictures with Secretary Lu… Read more »