Inaugural Event – Moody Series on Bipartisan Leadership


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The Moody Series on Bipartisan Leadership
In Conjunction With
The Texas Presidential Libraries

Event Transcript

Began at: 8:55 AM CDT
Rebroadcast on C-SPAN

Hosted By:GWBPC_logo

Inaugural Event July 11, 2016 09:00-12:15 CDT
The George W. Bush Presidential Center

Panelists Including:
Joshua Bolten,
Thomas “Mack” McLarty,
Clay Johnson III,
Lisa Brown,
and Christopher Lu

In conjunction with the three National Archives Presidential Libraries in Texas, the White House Transition Project and its partners at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy will conduct three public events over the second half of 2016, each reflecting this growing, bipartisan consensus. The first discussion in the Moody Series will convene July 11, 2016, at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas. It will focus on the process of transition, looking at it from both sides — the transition out of and into office — as well as the path breaking work of President George W. Bush in establishing a coherent transition. The event brings together key participants in recent presidential transitions. Chiefs of Staff Joshua Bolten, who led the transition out of office for President Bush, and Thomas “Mack” McLarty, who held the post when President Clinton came into office, will talk about the transition process and the challenges they met and the ones they see ahead. Following the first discussion, a panel discussion highlights the transitions of departments and agencies and issues surrounding the presidential appointment process. The panelists include Clay Johnson III, Executive Director of President Bush’s transition into office and who was involved in the department and agency transitions at the end of the administration from his position as Deputy for Management at the Office of Management and Budget; Lisa Brown, Co-Chair of President-Elect Obama’s agency review teams and later White House Staff Secretary; Christopher Lu, Executive Director of Senator Obama’s transition preparations who currently serves as Deputy Secretary of Labor, and Andrew Mayock, currently designated as Deputy OMB Director for Management who plays an important role in the Obama transition out. The White House Transition Project Director Martha Joynt Kumar will moderate the conversation with the Chiefs of Staff and Executive Director Terry Sullivan will lead the panel.